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Call for Change Makers

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We’re APGM currently needs some new awesome members to join as main division position to make great impact.-

– Liaison Officer for Regencies (3 persons) – Penanggung Jawab
– Head of Education and Research (1 person)

The organization was formed to embrace youth-led groups to pilot and replicate innovative projects that can impact others using strategy explained below. The core strength of the organization lies on its powerful belief: to not look down on anyone because you are young, but set an example for everyone in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.


– If you’re part of the young generation who has a passion to empower others and be an impact maker, join us and let’s make it happen.
– Open to all active students (high school or university) or fresh graduate.
– Indonesian citizen or foreign student who currently studies in Indonesia

How to join:

Send your CV’s to along with preferable position. In a few days we will inform you if you’re eligible to take next process.

For more information about the position and application submission please kindly contact +6281381224186 (Cynthia).

The Benefits:

– You’ll develop your soft skills
– You’ll get networking opportunity (both local and international)
– You’ll gain leadership skills
– You’ll be able to give something for your community
– You’ll be able to gain international portfolio

Information or description about the position:

1) Liaison Officer for Regencies

a. Administer a particular project in several regencies, which are in cooperation with the organization.
b. Prepare and maintain both timetable schedule and equipment needed for a particular project in several regencies
c. Make a weekly report of a particular project, and
d. Be responsible to the head of education and research

2) Head of Education and Research

a. Responsible for entering financial information and maintaining all financial records for projects and for the organization.
b. Preparing and maintaining donor agreements
c. Manage financial control, prepare and analyze budgets, develop financial reports, and make recommendations to the organization on budget
d. Obtain approvals from the President and from the donors on all procurements and purchases for the projects and for the organization.
e. Plan the delivery of the overall program and its activities in accordance with the mission and the goals of the organization
f. Develop new initiatives to support the strategic direction of the
g. Develop and implement long-term goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome of the program
h. Analyze current issues that can be
i. Review and analyze current issues related to children, youth, education, and society that can be used as the basis for articles, workshops, seminars


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