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(Application submission deadline: 16 July 2016)

[Poster] Call for Volunteers (Website)


APGM in collaboration with local government in Jakarta will soon open LIBS classes in several Kelurahan (administrative regencies).

“LIBS Goes to Kelurahan” is a 2,5 month project consisting of Motivational Learning and English Subject for children living in inadequate income families. The foremost goal of the project is to encourage poor children to talk themeselves out of destiny, be smart and have a better life ahead.

Accepted volunteers will team up with 2-3 exchange students from across the world where you can also boarden your knowledge and understanding.

Project Date: July 18 – Sep 24, 2016
*Working days: select, at least, two days from Monday to Friday
*Working hours: 2-3.30pm or 4-5.30pm

*: Please set your own prefference for days and hours before submission.

Realizing no benefit is greater than finding yourself and using your talent to empower others and make something for someone’s life, do fill the form below or ¬†

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