APGM believes that to create a meaningful & fruitful life, one should follow the education path as further as possible. Thus, Living by studying or abbreviated as LIBS.

LIBS is categorized as LIBS Goes to Kelurahan which is conducted in Jakarta Province and LIBS Goes to Bangka in Sumatra Province.

APGM encourage administrative regencies, as representative of the government and the society to cooperate with APGM in terms of providing classrooms. Additionally, APGM collaborates with other international organization to invite some (qualified) exchange participant from around the world to work with us in educating the students.

The first batch of LIBS was conducted on 1 August 2016 until 14 October 2016, which had successfully collaborated with 5 administrative regencies to help us in providing learning spaces for 300 students. Until 2018, APGM has educated around 3,000 marginal children in 9 regencies.

LIBS Goes to Kelurahan

APGM is based in Jakarta, so luckily we manage to collaborate with 8 regencies (Kelurahan in Indonesian) to regularly teach marginal children. These regencies are Manggarai, Pancoran, Pengadegan, Tanjung Barat, Pela Mampang, Cikoko, Duren Tiga, & Kebun Baru.

Watch the video below to see LIBS Goes to Kelurahan conducted in Jakarta. Watch till the end for testimonials from the volunteers (teachers)!

LIBS Goes to Bangka

We collaborate with local administrative in one of the most remote area in Bangka Belitung in a village called Desa Baksara Bakta. What prompt us is: we want education to be conducted as equal as possible in all regions in Indonesia. Thus, we still have the strong will to teach the marginal children outside Jakarta Province & Java Island, even though there is no APGM team based in Bangka.

Watch the video below to see our latest activity in Bangka: learning English, Mathematics, & motivational learning with fun methodologies!

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