Be The Brightest Young Generation

APGM execute innovative & impactful projects using the strategies explained below. The core strength of the organization lies on its powerful belief: to not look down on anyone because you are young, but set an example for everyone in speech, life, love, faith, and purity.

APGM Empowers Young People to Create Impacts



  • APGM to become the network for students & youths to exchange ideas.
  • APGM to become Indonesias finest empowerment tool for youths to become impact-makers & creators of a better future.


We inspire by "acting now" with anything we have: knowledge, time, & energy. We transform the mindset that to create a better future for Indonesia, the government is not the only answer.


.Approaching .Changing Perception


.Innovation .Impact


.Social Replication .Expansion Potential
Our Strategy. To turn vision into reality, APGM stimulates and accommodates young people to produce silver linings to overcome the issues namely: education, environment, culture, poverty, gender equality, religion, law enforcement, good governance, and human rights. Regardless of social status, the new generations are embraced, enabled to think and innovate movement through the second and third approach.

APGM Inspires Through Action


Living by Studying (LIBS)

APGM believes that to create a meaningful & fruitful life, one should follow the education path as further as possible. Thus, "Living by Studying". To learn more about this program, click here.

Education on Technology & Multimedia (ETM)

This is a forum for society to learn about computer science and multimedia. The skills they acquired from this program is expected to be one of their source of income & help them to become financially independent.

Save Our Future (SOF)

The SOF project aims to reduce the symptoms of climate change and environmental degradation through several activities, such as providing education on the importance of reducing waste production.
How APGM Programs Were Developed

Step One >

Researching and investigating the current issues (local and international level)

Step Two >

Developing sollutions throughout regularly consolidation meeting of all members of APGM

Step Three >

Taking on roles as problem solvers and pionners for improvement by projects and social events

Step Four

Fiat Lux: Continually spread the good news of APGM and encorage others to join us in expanding the number of progress
Why We DO This?
Indonesia is facing a serious problem that is the lack of access to basic resources including food, clean water, sanitation, education and capital. If the issues are not to be solved then there will be no hope left for the next generation.
It is universally accepted that everyone has the right to earn a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself/herself and his/her family. At the all levels of society, we should not depend upon others to meet our needs, but we should help each other to meet our needs.
To learn from lessons, to and significantly expand on movement through innovative projects, to build the capacity of youth-led groups and enable youth to move from being passive recipients to become active participants in the creation of betterment for the future of the young generation.

APGM is Calling for Change Makers

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